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How It Works

Bottom line, within 10 days we can get your business, practice or department organized and help you manage all your electronic forms, digital records and paper files at a fraction of your current costs.

Get organized. Stay organized.



Regardless of your other core software applications, every business has problems properly and securely managing electronic forms and records.

Step 1 

Through a quick interview process, we will determine which preconfigured record types, forms, form campaigns and workflow modules will have the most immediate impact on your business. As we walk-thru how we are solving problems for other users will quickly see which modules and processes will work best for you..  Immediately start saving time and money while properly managing ALL your records.


Step 2

Together, we will evaluate your current applications, labor and equipment resources to determine which professional services may be needed, if any, to help your teams spend more time on daily business activities and less time on forms, data capture, records management and reporting.


Step 3

Start saving 100's of hours every month in valuable time across your entire business.  As your Professional Forms and Records Management Service Provider, we make sure things are working to make your company as efficient and eform friendly as possible. Anything not automatically filed can be filed daily by our trained, remote filing staff in your virtual file room.


Based On Typical Configuration & Usage

Online Platform Fee

Starting at $595/ month.


•Unlimited Users

•Unlimited Eforms & Workflow

•Any Browser. Any Device.

•50k Active Documents.

•Includes 500 text messages.

•Additional texting charges may apply if needed.


Professional Services-As-A-Solution

Starting at $395 per month


Take the hassle out of managing your own remote file room, eforms, eform campaigns,

documents....and more. Let us manage them for you. 


•Application Admin & Consulting

•Application Configuration & Management

•Free Eform Library & Development

•Free Form Conversions

•Forms-In-Process Dashboard Monitoring

•Files-In-Process Dashboard Monitoring

•Workflow Dashboard Monitoring

One-Time Application Setup

Starting at $4,500


•Interview & Discovery Process

Unique Domain & Branding

•Application Setup Configuration

•Minimum training required.

•Easy to use. All eforms based.

•Go Live In Less Than 10 days!

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